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Approach to ecology

Approach to ecologySJH acquired ISO 14001 (international standards for environmental management systems) certification.
SJH regards the environment as one of the key management issues and has established the following environmental policy to prevent environmental pollution and to continuously improve its environmental management system.

  1. 1.	We will promote the development, design, and manufacture of products in an environmentally friendly manner.
  2. 2.	We will make every effort to save energy, reduce the environmental load, and seek and shift to alternatives.
  3. 3.	We will promote production efficiency and target lean production practices while conserving resources and minimizing the environmental load.
  4. 4.	We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and self-regulatory principles.
  5. 5.	With an acute awareness that resources are limited, we will strive to reduce the defect rate and make effective use of waste.
  6. 6.	We will strive to enhance employees’ environmental awareness and join forces in the effort to resolve environmental issues.
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