Extrusion Heaters

Image EXTRUSIONThe extrusion heaters are made of extrusion-formed aluminum parts.
These heaters are available in two types: sheath heaters made of extrusion-formed aluminum parts, which are used as pipes without secondary processing, The other type is to use extrusion part for assembly purpose.

Extrusion Heaters (A3003)

Available diameter Details of contents Proper environment Limit service temperature
Si 0.60MAX
Fe 0.70MAX
Cu 0.05~0.20
Mn 1.00~1.50
Air heating at low temperature 260°C or less


Application examples

Coffee makers and auxiliary heating for keeping warm


  • If the water pipes have specific shapes, some restrictions are placed on the bending dimensions, since these heaters are made by extrusion.
  • Some restrictions are placed on the shapes of the heater ends and processing methods, since these heaters are made by extrusion.

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