Fin Heaters

Fin Heaters ImageFin heaters are available in two types: sheath heaters with steel bands wound around them, and sheath heaters with inserted and caulked aluminum plates in them.

Fin heaters

Material Details of contents Proper environment Limit service temperature
SUS304 Ni 8.0~10.5
Cr 18.0~20.0
Ti ----
Mn 2.00MAX
Mo ----
Air heating 600°C以下
Incoloy 840 Ni 18.0~22.0
Cr 18.0~22.0
Ti 0.6MAX
Mn 1.00MAX
Mo ----
800°C or less
Incoloy 800 Ni 30.0~35.0
Cr 19.0~23.0
Ti 0.15~0.6
Mn 1.5MAX
Mo ----
A1060 Si 0.25MAX
Fe 0.35MAX
Cu 0.05MAX
Mn 0.03MAX
260°C or less


Application examples

Microwave oven ranges, panel heaters, baseboards, and heaters


  • Some restrictions are placed on bending of the heaters, since fins are attached to the heaters.
  • Cannot be used for in-water heating.

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