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To be a front-runner at all times。

Sheath heater is a product whose structure and configuration have remained the same for 100-odd years。
Amid a trend toward sophisticated technology, the sheath heater has maintained its original shape and remained in wide spread use。

While the world’s attention is focused on high technology, products that require heat will continue to lead the market—the easy-to-use sheath heater, therefore, is also expected to enjoy ongoing high demand。

Although sheath heater is a product with a simplified structure, all the required know-how on design and production are condensed into the product. SJH has a record of accomplishment of over 50 years in the manufacture of sheath heaters, and through these years, the company has always enjoyed a favorable reputation。

Based on our long-accumulated record and expertise, we continue our efforts to remain a reliable manufacturer who produces safe products while making inroads into diverse fields。