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Bundy heaters are available in two types:
steel pipes, and copper-plated steel pipes。
They are scarcely used in heater elements alone。

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  • Most appropriate for aluminum casting。 (Copper plating provides good adhesion to aluminum。)
  • Much cheaper than heaters with pipes of other materials。
  • Cast in aluminum (die cast/gravity) or caulked on aluminum, brass,and other parts。Scarcely used in heaters alone。

Application examples

  • Irons、hot plates、coffee makers、rice cookers。
  • etc。


  • The parts may be prone to loose caulking after using a period of time due to expansion factors,if they are caulked on aluminum,brass,and other parts。
  • Insulation may be reduced temporarily immediately after caulking,if the heaters are caulked on aluminum, brass,and other parts by users。

Material specifications

  • Available diameter : ø6.25 ~ ø12.00
  • Details of contents : C 0.10MAX, Mn 0.50MAX, P 0.040MAX, S 0.040MAX, Fe Bal。
  • Proper environment : Cast in aluminum, Caulked on aluminum parts, Caulked on brass parts
  • Limit service temperature(UL) : 400°Cor less