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Foil Etched Mica Heater

Foil Etched Mica Heater

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  • Thin and light:The thickness is only 0.7mm。
  • Temperature resistant:Compressed with natural mica material, long-term temperature resistance of 600℃。
  • Uniform heat distribution:Etching method design and manufacture。
  • High heating efficiency:The sheet heater has a larger contact area with the heating object, which improves the heating efficiency。
  • Multiple shapes:It can be designed into circles, triangles, perforations, notches and other processing forms。


  • When using, avoid sharp objects that can easily pierce the silicone rubber and cause leakage。
  • The mica electric heating sheet is not waterproof, and can not be used in humid environments and soaked in water。
  • Attention should be paid to the burning of electric heaters caused by rapid heating。
  • The use of mica electric heaters should be equipped with temperature control controllers, leakage and leakage current protection switches。

Material specifications

  • Mica specifications:Limit size (Width x length) 400mm x 600mm
  • Thickness:0.7mm
  • Maximum working temperature:550°C
  • Minimum ambient temperature: -62°C
  • Resistance tollerence:±10%

Application examples

  • Semiconductor processing equipment。
  • Packaging, strapping and sealing equipment。
  • Catering service equipment。
  • Replenishment of heat loss of plastic and rubber molding equipment。