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Water Boiler
The most widely used materials are Copper and stainless steel tubes.

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  • The most widely used materials are Copper and stainless steel tubes。

Application examples

  • Water boiler
  • etc。


  • Normally should be installed with thermostat, common brands are STRIX and OTTER。

Material specifications

  • Available diameter : Copper tubes ø8.0mm, SUS tubes ø6.6mm
  • Details of contents : Copper tubes :Cu 99.90Min, P 0.015~0.040。SUS tubes :Ni 8.0~10.5, Cr 18.0~20.0, Mn 2.00MAX, Fe Bal。
  • Proper environment : Heating in water。
  • Limit service temperature(UL) : Copper tubes 177°C or less, SUS tubes 260°C or less。