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Silicone Rubber Heater

Silicone rubber heater
To stitch by auto machine, the fiberglass heating wire is heating layer, the silicone rubber is the insulated layer.

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  • Thin and light:The thickness is only 1.5mm, 1.0mm。
  • Flexible:Glass fiber reinforced silicone rubber material is easy to bend。


  • When using, avoid sharp objects that can easily pierce the silicone rubber and cause leakage。
  • Silicone heating elements are not waterproof, so they cannot be used in humid environments or soaked in water。
  • Silicone heating elements should be equipped with temperature control controllers, leakage and leakage current protection switches。

Material specifications

  • Silicone rubber specifications:Limit size (Width x length)
  • Wire wound:900mm x 2000mm
  • Etched foil:400mm x 600mm
  • Thickness:Wire wound:1.0mm、1.4mm,Etched foil:1.0mm、1.4mm
  • Maximum working temperature:260°C
  • Minimum ambient temperature: -62°C
  • Resistance tollerence:+5% -10%

Application examples

  • Semiconductor processing equipment。
  • Instrument anti-freezing and anti-condensation, anti-freezing protection equipment。
  • Medical equipment, such as blood analyzers and tests, tube heaters。
  • Computer peripherals, e.g. laser printer。
  • Curing of plastic laminates。
  • Photo processing equipment、Traffic signal light box、ATM machine、Temperature control panel。
  • Anti-freezing of gas or liquid control valve housing。
  • Battery warming。
  • Antifreeze for satellites and communication equipment。