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Copper is widely used for heating in water。
It may be surface-plated (with nickel)。

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  • Most suitable heaters for in-water heating。
  • Flange-coupled for reasons of installation and accordingly nickel-plated after brazing in many cases。
  • Can be bent easily and require careful handling, since these heaters are made of soft pipes and prone to deformation after forming。

Application examples

  • Calorifiers、electric kettles、and toilets with warm water bidets。
  • etc。


  • These heaters are prone to deformation and require careful handling, since the pipes are soft。
  • They are not suitable to in-air heating。
  • Remember that they are used in water。

Material specifications

  • Available diameter : ø6.25 ~ ø14.00
  • Details of contents : Cu 99.90Min, P 0.015~0.040
  • Proper environment : Heating in water
  • Limit service temperature(UL) : 177°C or less